Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mexican Sun

Another nap time painting. I guess I was not only inspired by all the "artes plasticas" that surround me here in Mexico but I revisited some of my seed sun designs. I really enjoyed working with a saturated color palette and the Alebrije dot style that is typical of Oaxacan art. I might keep this style for future projects.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mexican Angel

Well, I finished summer semester teaching online at Academy of Art University and I completed instructing at summer camp at the School of Arts and Culture and less than 24 hours after completing all my work, I was in another country! Home sweet home, mother land of all that inspires me to create, I am enjoying my vacation time in Mexico. Since this is my first international trip with my 2 year old, we are having to adjust to his naps. Here is a 2 hour painting done while he napped in Jalostotitlan. It wasn't planned or sketched in the usual manner that I typically do most of my work. It came about very subconsciously.