Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feels good to play, even if its with La Llorona

So, I've been doing these Weekly Challenges with some friends, but I haven't taken out my paints since I was in Mexico. I took them out today and I lost track of time. I know now that nothing beats this!
Cuando yo era pequena, bueno mas pequena que hoy si es que se lo pueden imaginar, mi Tia Gabi nos contaba de la Llorona. Yo le tenia un temor, mas que al mismo Diablo. Ella decia que tenia unas unas largas, largas, largas y si no te fijabas al voltiar un esquina obscura, ella estara ayi esperandote. Y en un instante te sacara tus ojos, porque claro su platillo favorito son los ojos de los ninos.

When I was small, well smaller than today if you can imagine that, my Aunt Gabi would tell us of the Llorona. I was so scared of her, more than the Devil himself. She would tell us that she had long, long, long nails and if you didn't watch where you turned a dark corner, she would be there waiting for you. And in an instant she would pick your eyes out, because clearly her favorite dish were children's eyes.