Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dichos y Refranes

Ok, so this is the beginning of a big project. I'll have to get better pictures of these, but for now this is all I have. They are now in the hands of the Illustration department ready to be judged for spring show.

So what's the story? Like in every culture, Mexico is full of wonderful sayings. My mom always uses them. Her and Roberto compete to see who knows more. One day I realized, that although I am Mexican I was not born in the sacred land of my people. And I vowed, like all Pochos do, to be more Mexican than my fellow Pochos. (For those that don't know the term: Pochos= Children born in the USA from Mexican parents). I figured a good place to start was by really learning the sayings (dichos). I couldn't reverse my birthplace but I can speak like I was born in Guadalajara. Between my mother and Roberto they gave me a list of almost 200 dichos! I'm working on illustrating a book and these are the first I have done. The characters at the corners are the characters of my book and are none other than the 2 people that provided me with all those dichos. Thanks to them I am becoming less Pocha.

Boca cerrada no entran moscas= Literal translation: Mouth closed, flies don't get in. Basically, it means to shut your mouth and not to gossip or tell secrets. Or just plain, shut up.
Cuentas claras amistades largas= Translations: Clear dealings makes long friendships. In other words, if you record and sign all your monetary transactions with friends and family, your friendships will surpass time and money. Very important! Trust me!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Guess who

Here's something that I'm working on right now. Its just a sketch, but you guys might know who this is. If you guess, I'll give you a cookie.

OK, so nobody guessed. We're a week into May and a week past this original posting. Here is the final version and maybe this will help you guess who this is. Any kind of cookie you want. Mmmmm....