Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Advantika the Smarty Pants

I have been working with children since January. I teach them art. They teach me patience. I love working with them and seeing my old-young self in them. I've been so busy being a working mom, that I have left little time and energy for my own art. But, when I go to work I see so much passion in these kids I am refreshed. It has helped me find myself as an artist again. I am working on my own book now.

This is a girl in my Wednesday class that is very "sociable," as she puts it. She talks all day but is such a joy. She says she's so busy doing so many things she has no time for herself. I know she plays piano and draws and paints. She gave me a list of other classes she's taking but I simply forgot. I owe her a drawing because she was able to stay quiet one class period. This is her, as I imagine, playing her piano. Tomorrow I give it to her. It was a quick 1 hour drawing but it felt good to use my imagination again!