Thursday, October 14, 2010

What I've done these past months.....

Everyone asks me.... what have you done since the yoga paintings? Well.... There was that Metallica painting in December. There was that jewelry box back in January for the auction. Then in February I did a painting for a fund raising event, which I haven't photographed (but maybe this weekend). Then I got to work on actually planning my wedding. Here's what you have to understand.... 2 artists can't get married without turning their wedding into a huge art project!

So we did everything! I designed my dress from scratch.... drew it, picked out fabric, and art directed the seamstress it from beginning to end (lets face it, I had no time or skill enough to sew). I had never designed a dress into reality before.

I made my own earrings and bracelet to match a necklace I had bought. It was my first time doing both too.

We made earrings for all the female guests.... hence how I got hooked on making feather earrings this past month!

We made CDs for all the men to take home.

We made our own wishing well.

We hand painted little pots for every guest to take home.

We made our own centerpieces.

We made our own ceremonial blanket from scratch.

So if you think I haven't been busy making art.... shame on you! We did this all in 4 months and then some!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My recent ventures

Here is something for you all, especially for Pete and Simon who keep reminding me to update my blog. These are my new ventures and the story of how they came to be will be told later.
Ps.... I am now on under FeathArt. So go and shop.
Its a bit confusing, so first you go to BUY tab.
Then you go to Seller search... its automatically on Handmade so you'll have to scroll down to Seller.
Then enter FeathArt.
Select it and you'll be entering my shop.

I'll post 52 more later this week at the shop. I like that... at the shop.