Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funky Door Process

Step 1: Interview process.... everyone gets an interview and a photo taken.

Step 2: Sketches and thumbnails. This is the daydreaming stage. It can be done at work, during yoga, on the train, driving, sleeping. The creative part.

Step 3: All boards get a watercolor layer of color. Very transparent to show off that groovy wood texture.
Step 4: Start the oil portrait part for at least some paintings. I worked 9 paintings all at once so I had to do them in groups and rotations. Great for getting a perspective on them... a little time away from a painting, even a few hours on another one, can really help get problems figured out. Here are some in various stages.
To get a better sense of that stage....
Step 5: The story! This is the part where I decided to use gouache instead of acrylic. Gulp... But in the end I liked it better. Mistakes are easier to work with and it had a better and faster application. The interview process in action.
Step 6: The varnish. The portrait was oil so I couldn't use the same varnish I used on the gouache. Tape 'em up. Take 'em up on the roof and spray. The sun was on my side that day.

Step 7: Frames frames frames. It takes longer than you think. Especially when you've never frames wood before! Thank goodness to my OSH days when I was obsessed with buying tools. They really came in handy.

Step 8: Hang them and enjoy with new and old friends at Funky Door!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stay tuned.....

Ok guys! This especially goes out to Simon for being on top of me about posting my new work. I have been taking process photos as I work and have been really busy working on 9 new pieces. I started the paintings October 1st and finished Nov. 10th. I've been busy busy busy! I WILL post the new paintings on my website and the process on this blog on November 17th.

Save the date for Nov 17th for those of you who are anxious.

You can see these paintings early and in person if you like as they are going to be exhibited at Funky Door Yoga at Polk and Pine in San Francisco. They will be up Nov. 15 to Dec. 15. While you're there.... do some yoga!