Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My recent ventures

Here is something for you all, especially for Pete and Simon who keep reminding me to update my blog. These are my new ventures and the story of how they came to be will be told later.
Ps.... I am now on under FeathArt. So go and shop.
Its a bit confusing, so first you go to BUY tab.
Then you go to Seller search... its automatically on Handmade so you'll have to scroll down to Seller.
Then enter FeathArt.
Select it and you'll be entering my shop.

I'll post 52 more later this week at the shop. I like that... at the shop.


PETE said...

These are really nice. You can sell them on Etsy.

Elba Raquel said...

I am working on that right now you mind reader. Thank you, my friend!

Daniel Valadez said...

Nice work Elba!