Friday, November 13, 2009

Stay tuned.....

Ok guys! This especially goes out to Simon for being on top of me about posting my new work. I have been taking process photos as I work and have been really busy working on 9 new pieces. I started the paintings October 1st and finished Nov. 10th. I've been busy busy busy! I WILL post the new paintings on my website and the process on this blog on November 17th.

Save the date for Nov 17th for those of you who are anxious.

You can see these paintings early and in person if you like as they are going to be exhibited at Funky Door Yoga at Polk and Pine in San Francisco. They will be up Nov. 15 to Dec. 15. While you're there.... do some yoga!


miniPau said...

I'll go check'em out!!!

Congrats lady!

kidane said...

Great Update!!! Thank you for sharing your process in this one too Elba, it was refreshing seeing some of the portraits in process and now the final result!
Looking forward to seeing them in person...although i don't know about yoga, you have to give me a year of stretching before i bend like that :)