Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crayola Crayons

I haven't been able to paint due to my heavy work load and my sister's wedding coming up. I've been forced to put a painting on the back burner for now, but I try to at least get a few drawing hours a week to relax myself from the face painting, the desk job and the Academy job. The Sunday workshops are definately a great way to end a weekend.

I've been playing around with different materials lately, like pastels, and techniques to keep my interest. Seems to be a theme for me in everything I do lately. Anyhow, I was talking to a friend about Crayola Crayons the other day and remembered how much I hated using them last project I did with them and how I had a 120 set I had not opened in a year. I swore I'd never use them again, which seemed like the perfect reason to pull them out Sunday and play. All of these were done this week with a selected 24 box I've had with me since Sunday. The nudes are from the Sunday workshop and the clothed are from a fashion workshop. Every time I go to that workshop they have the same model... so I drew the students. The last one's my favorite, because FOR A FASHION STUDENT... SHOULDN'T YOU KNOW THAT SHOWING CRACK IS A BIG FASHION "NO! NO!"