Sunday, March 9, 2008

Now meet my Family!

Ok so the biggest part of where I came from is mi familia. I have a good size family and I always tell everyone that the best part of my childhood were my siblings. They can vouch for this. We grew up in a time where kids still played "pretend." We would become Robin Hood, Kings, Princesses, Mario and everyone in the Nintendo world. Lets see, If I remember correctly whoever was our guest, usually the boy across the street, who we met by throwing sweaters in our tree, now he was usually the main character. Mario, Robin Hood, The Prince. Gabi, the eldest, well she was always the princess. My brother, Marco, was always the bad guy. Bowser and whatnot, whatever pretend game we were playing. Now, I was a calmer child, spent more time drawing and reading so I took the lesser roles. I was sidekick to the hero. Luigi, or any supporting character. I mostly held ropes and followed the big guy making sure Princess didn't get hurt. I always secretly wanted to be Princess, especially when Robin Hood took her away on his white horse...actually is was a bike, but back then a kid's mind was impressionable. Then there was my kid sister. She was lower on the rung. Sorry, Mersay. She was the sidekick of the bad guy. So she just pretended to be a part of the game. Usually it would be me and her going at it, in a good way. I mean, the sidekicks were really no one but the extras.

My parents? Well they just made sure no one was tragically injured. Sort of like the creative directors or the producers....they let us do our thing, run around the yard and take off to the park.

So here they are. Half of them fell asleep during the pose. I drew from life but I guess that problem would have been solved with a photograph. Come to think of it, they all look pretty upset they had to sit there for an hour or 2.


Sérgio Moreira said...

Olá, o teu Blog está Fantástico... Parabéns!!!

Saudações, Sérgio Moreira

Artee said...

hi elba glad to see you on blogspot. I love the painting you have below, it really caught my eye! anyways I was wondering are you planning to go back to Steve and Kates? I'm still contemplating on going back or not.

Marco said...

i enjoyed reading your entry hehe. i didnt know i was bowser. i always thought i was one of the goombas.

Elba Raquel said...

I don't know what a goomba is but if you say so I believe you

珊珊李 said...